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I'm from Chicago but I live in Florida. I like writing and reading. I wish I could draw but I can't. Any other questions, ask. I'll answer.

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Good Morning!


Good Morning!


The new piercings


The new piercings

All the worlds a moron factory

One of the things I love about the internet is that it constantly reminds me that the world is full of incredibly stupid people. They believe everything they see online and they make the stupidest comments about the most absurd and unimportant things. This knowledge makes it easier for me to associate every person I encounter when I am out with the stupidity of the internet. Thank you internet.

Also, the internet is for porn. 

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It is

ummm…it’s not. As that is clearly Johnny knoxville as the Bad Grandpa throwing dollar bills at her. And I haven’t seen the movie…and I won’t because I like my brain…but she looks a lot like an adult dancing. Like maybe, oh I don’t know…she is an adult. A little person/midget. And you don’t get to be offended my the terminology when you are dancing in front of children like a stripper. You lose that high ground. Technicallly, you become a bitch at this point. So…to recap, no. That is not a real child dancing in real life, that is a dwarf getting paid to dance for a movie. Any questions?

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It seems to be a popular thing to name children and pets after famous characters in books and movies. So, in that same vein, I’ve decided to name my penis The Iron Giant. And yes, it will,make you sad and make you cry to.


how is george zimmerman a celebrity? why is he profiting from the death of an innocent teenager? he doesn’t deserve to touch DMX

No, but DMX deserves to touch him. In the face. with his fists. 

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